Monday, September 15, 2008

Madden NFL 2009 Review
by: Alex aka Rogue_shooter69
Madden 09
Publisher: EA

Wow! When I bought Madden 08, i thought nothing would ever be able to surpass it; it was so fun, the graphics weren't bad, and I loved superstar mode. After putting the Madden 09 disk in my PS3 and playing it for half an hour, i realized why EA was still in the business.

First off, this game has new features, such as the rewind, which allows you(if you choose) to give yourself mulligans so you don't have to throw that pick and watch Champ Bailey or Quentin Jammer return it for a TD, and chuck your controller. Now, at the beginning of every game, you can choose to give yourself 0, 1, 3, 5, or unlimited re-do's. The way this feature works is at the end of every play, a little clock shows up at the bottom of the screen saying rewind, and you press square if you want to use one, or x to decline. If you rewind, you will start at the beginning of the play you deciding to rewind, but you will not be able to re choose your play. You can just imagine how much time you save!

Next, the graphics are greatly improved. Most of the little glitches in 08 were fixed, which makes the game look more real, and the players more fluid. No longer (from what I've seen) does the ball glitch right through the Cornerback's hands and end up in the opponent's WR's hands. Additionally, the grass is very realistic which is a great improvement from the old grass. Also, there is more detail in the players then there was before, making them look much more realistic.

Finally, the game as a whole is much more fluid, and much less frustrating. With the new default view, you see the field more from the quarterback's perspective, which allows you to know what is going on around you, and whether your Wide Receiver is open or not. Also, when running with the ball, there is much less delay between the button pressing and the action. When you press circle, your RB instantly does a spin move without the little studder steps there were in 08 that always led to you being tackled.

After playing online, I knew that I would be hooked to this game. The good news is that there are no rewinds for multi-player, which means you can play a game with little disruption. This game is as fun online as it is when you are playing a computer, which is definitely a good thing because when you're sick of playing against the computer, just sign in and play a game!

Overall, this game is a vast improvement from the previous one, and it is just as enjoyable if not more enjoyable than the last one. Its got plenty of new features that add to the overall appeal, but I'll let you discover those on your own. As always, I recommend that you rent before buying, but if your a Football fan, or you if like Football games, I definitely recommend renting this game whenever you won't disappoint you.

Note: Will post more information such as online play as I continue to play


Graphics: 8/10
Playability: 9/10
Controls: 8.5/10
Challenge: 10/10
Realistic: 9.5/10
Online: 8.75/10

I hope you found this useful, and If you'd like to play or tell me anything positive send Rogue_shooter69 a friend request or just a message.
Game on!

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